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The Class Allocation System (CAS) is how you put together your timetable at UWA.

CAS allows you to select your preferred class times, using a preference system. It's as easy as listing the class times you prefer for each unit, in order from first preference to last. The unit details will tell you how many preferences you will need to enter for each unit.

The Class Allocation System is linked to your official enrolment on studentConnect. To make official changes to your unit enrolment you must do so on studentConnect first. After completing your enrolment, please allow ONE HOUR for your login details to be synced with CAS.

Please note that CAS shows units starting from Week 5 to Week 30 excluding Summer units, some Trimester units and Non Standard teaching period units that fall outside the CAS date range


Recorded lecture options have been added to participating units. Allocating yourself to a Recorded option will remove you from the physical class - indicating you intend to watch the recording instead. Recorded allocations appear as grey activities on your timetable, scheduled on Saturday or Sunday in a given week. Please note the scheduled time is NOT indicative of when the recorded lecture will be made available. Please consult LMS for availability of recorded lectures. Recorded lecture options are recommended when dealing with clashes

Timetable options

CAS opens on specific dates so you can enter your preferred class activity times. After closing, it sorts the preferences to give you a workable timetable, and reopens so you can make adjustments.

For some class activities, there is only one session, so the system will auto-allocate these sessions to your timetable. The system will also do this if you don't nominate preferences for activities with multiple times.

For each unit displayed in CAS, you will need to:

  1. enter preferences for the classes you would prefer to attend for every unit so you can set your timetable around work, sport and family commitments
  2. OR alternatively, allow CAS to auto-allocate a timetable for you.

If you decide to do nothing, as long as you're enrolled in your classes, you can sit back and let CAS do the work for you. You'll still be given the opportunity to move yourself amongst the other options of classes, where places are available.

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Key Dates for Semester 2, 2017

CAS Activity Date Student Access
Closed for Semester 2 2017 preparations Friday 2 June 2017 (5.00pm) CLOSED
Open for preference entry Tuesday 20 June 2017 (10:00am) OPEN
Closed for preference entry Saturday 1 July 2017 (5:00pm) CLOSED
Allocations are run Sunday 2 July 2017 CLOSED
Open for viewing and adjusting allocations Tuesday 4 July 2017 (10:00am) OPEN
International student access Monday 24 July 2017 (10:00am) READ ONLY (except Int. students)
End of priority period for Int. students Wednesday 26 July 2017 (12:00pm) OPEN
End of Week 2 Sem 2 Sunday 13 August 2017 (12.00pm) READ ONLY

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Getting help with CAS

For additional assistance or timetable clashes contact any member of the First Year Experience Team (UniStart) or you can ask for help in person at one of our subject libraries across campus.

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