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All students in a centrally timetabled unit of study can obtain their personalised timetable.

Plan your timetable

Planning your timetable allows both prospective and current students to plan a potential timetable for different combinations of units. It can help you choose units to avoid clashes and to plan your class times around other constraints such as work. We release the central timetable at the end of the year to coincide with the re-enrolment period.

Students who are doing a unit that is not centrally timetabled will need to contact the relevant school to find out when they are required to attend classes.

Class enrolment cannot be done from this area.

Class allocation cannot be done from this area.

Published timetables are provisional and subject to change at the University's discretion.

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Your timetable (current year)

  • The Central Timetable is a schedule of all unit related activities for a study period and campus.
  • The UWA central timetable is currently developed for the QEII, Nedlands, Crawley and Albany campuses only.
  • The full-year timetable for units offered in the forthcoming year is published online in December each year.

View the 2019 timetable

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Making changes to your timetable

Adjustments to the final timetable can have a ripple effect, as a change requested to one item may require changes to numerous others in order to accommodate it.

As such, adjustments to the final timetable are kept to a minimum.

There are many constraints involved in the development of the Central Timetable. Should a student have a timetable clash between the activities of two unit codes, both of which are part of their course of study, this clash should be reported to the Timetable Unit at timetables@uwa.edu.au.

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