The Lecture Capture System (LCS)

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The Lecture Capture System is set to record, process and publish lectures for online viewing with minimal staff intervention.

The system has been installed in lecture venues across UWA and records lectures up to four hours in duration.


    The UWA Lecture Capture System is able to capture:

    1. visuals that are projected from computer or laptop (say, PowerPoint slides, software demonstrations) and/or from document camera (handwritten notes or three-dimensional objects)
    2. audio from the lectern microphone system via a lectern microphone or a radio microphone
    3. video from the presentation area (or presenter) via a fixed position camera

    After capturing stops, the recording is automatically moved through this system to be processed and ultimately published in the associated LMS unit via an LCS block that the lecturer has added to the unit. Students log into the LMS unit to view captured lectures as streaming rich-media Flash presentations.

    Captured lectures can be set to be downloadable. The latter is the preferred access by students due to flexibility and bandwidth issues when streaming. Contact the Centre for Education Futures eLearning Helpdesk to enable the downloadable setting.


    There are a number of lecture venues with the lecture capture equipment operating across UWA. Lectures in venues that are part of UWA's central timetabling system are automatically captured. Lectures in other capture-enabled venues are captured if a lecturer requests their classes to be booked by Timetables or via the Centre for Education Futures eLearning Helpdesk.

    Capture capabilities vary from one venue to another. See the complete list of venues and capabilities at LCS venues.


    This diagram illustrates the steps of a captured lecture. For centrally timetabled venues, the process requires little administrative effort from academic staff or students and is mostly automatic. You need to check your schedule and enable a block in your LMS unit so that students can view it.

    Further explanation of the process is available in LCS processes. That page describes in detail the scheduling procedures, guides in the venue, making captured lectures accessible, managing post-production recording, and for how long captured lectures are stored in the system.

    Conditions of use

    The following conditions of use apply to the LCS:

    • The Centre for Education Futures does not guarantee that access to the LCS will be uninterrupted. You acknowledge that the LCS may be affected by outages, faults or delays. This may include (but is not limited to) technical difficulties with the computer components of the system.
    • Lecture capture quality can also be affected by staff not turning on the microphone, staff walking away from the microphone during the lecture or talking past the UWA lecture time end of 15 minutes before the hour.
    • You are responsible for obtaining appropriate permission for all material delivered by the LCS. This includes copyright clearance and/or payments for any material that you have requested to be recorded.
    • You acknowledge that you are providing the Centre for Education Futures with permission to record all lecturers who speak during the scheduled recording times.

    How to use LCS best

    The Lecture Capture checklist, hints and frequently asked questions documented below provides guidelines on how to use it best and questions lecturers may have:

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